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Useful tips for betting on futsal at 1win bookmaker

Futsal is a popular form of football. Its peculiarity is that the matches are held indoors. These are small sites: standard parameters are from 38 to 42 meters in length and from 20 to 25 in width. The ball is smaller than when playing on grass. The meeting consists of two halves of 20 minutes. Each team has five people (goalkeeper and four field players), an unlimited number of substitutions, no offsides. Futsal betting attracts bettors as it is a spectator sport. Dynamism provides unexpected outcomes, often the situation on the site changes dramatically in a few minutes.

Futsal betting features

Do not forget that only offers the highest odds for this sport.

The bettor needs to know about the features of this sport in order to stay in the black in the long run. When placing a bet on futsal, the following factors should be considered:

Odds in the lines of betting companies often do not reflect the real state of affairs, the probability of winning one or another team. There are few experts in this sport, and in-depth analysis is often not carried out when compiling quotes. If you carefully follow the tournaments, you can use it.
In the Russian championship, underdogs win over the favorites - a rarity. In international tournaments, this is more common, especially if an ambitious club is in the status of an outsider.

Played teams often release the same players for several matches in a row. If there is an important meeting in European competition, youth and substitutes often play in the national championship.

Tips & Tricks

To regularly achieve success, experienced bettors recommend considering:

Strong goalkeeper factor. The goalkeeper plays a big role, alone he can influence the outcome of the match.
Injuries - in big football, injuries to several athletes, as a rule, have little effect on the pattern of the game and the chances of the team to win. In futsal, there are only five on the court, the loss of even one of them greatly changes the balance of power.
Due to the high performance, bookmakers often set understated quotes for TB. This means that the odds on the total are less underestimated. If there is reason to believe that the teams will score few goals, you should bet on the under.